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Please send donations to:

Culture War Associates
3534 SE 52nd, # 711
Portland, Oregon 97206

     You may either send donations directly to the address above, or you may support us by joining Pro-Life Communications for your phone service. To learn more about the phone service, click HERE for details.

     Culture War Associates is a ministry of Bonnie and Paul deParrie providing free or low-cost assistance to those who declare biblical truth without compromise.

     CWA provides a multitude of services for street preachers, anti-abortion and pro-family activists, and others including assistance in legal research to defend against legal attacks against free speech and free exercise of religion - especially to those who cannot afford or find attorneys. In addition, CWA assists in appeals as well as aggressive, preemptive lawsuits against those who oppose biblical truth.

     CWA provides consulting for legal, legislative, and activist efforts to implement biblical truth.

     CWA provides public speakers, writers, and media services for those promoting biblical truth.

     CWA provides "grunt work" in all these efforts, including typing, printing, collating, stapling, filing, distributing, or mailing in the service of promoting biblical truth.


Friends -- We will no longer link to Amazon.com as they sell child pornography. We refer you to www.ichristian.com for book purchases and ordering. Porcupine does not receive a percentage on sales here, but then, these folks don't sell pervert books.

Paul deParrie

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