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August 6, 1999

A generation of cowards; a generation of vipers
By Paul deParrie

A New Jersey Supreme Court has just told the Boy Scouts that they have to admit sodomites into their ranks and their leadership. How expected!

In the early 1960s, the courts ordered God out of the school house. Shortly afterwards they ordered the Ten Commandments removed from the schools.

The American church rose and . . . did nothing.

Then the courts upheld the teaching of "if it feels good, do it" sex education in our schools. Next there was rudderless "values clarification" which clarified nothing and contained no values.

The American Church rose and . . . complained among themselves, but did nothing.

Then the courts said that mothers could murder children -- even when the mother was a child herself.

The American church rose and . . . held a single sermon every year on the subject, but otherwise did nothing.

Before you knew it, homosexuals were being "celebrated" by public officials in parades in every major city. "Domestic partner" (read: homosexual privilege) laws were passed and "sexual orientation" was added to the list of protected classes in anti-discrimination laws.

The American church rose and . . . wanting to appear to be "loving," did nothing.

American young people go on shooting rampages singling out Christian young people from their schools. The public institutions cannot teach morality, and now, neither can the Boy Scouts.

The American church, tired of all the "negative" reports from a few squeaky wheels, rose, plugged their ears, and sang their hymns a little louder to drown out the cry of dying generation.

Soon! Coming to an American church near you on a future Sunday morning -- young, public-school-taught, homosexuals with "clarified values" and who are completely ignorant of the Ten Commandments will publicly sodomize the pastor's son on the pulpit during the service.

And the American church will avert their eyes and say to the sodomites, "God loves you unconditionally, and we will be praying for you."

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