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Why the porcupine?

Why the Porcupine? porcupine (a.k.a., quill pig, a.k.a., spine hog); erethizon dorsatum - Easily recognized by the long, sharp quills that cover its stocky, short-legged body and stubby tail, the porcupine is the only rodent of its kind in North America. They grow up to 60 pounds. The quills - approximately 30,000 on each animal - are modified hairs that come loose when they are touched. Any predator that attacks a porcupine retreats with its face and paws covered with the barbed spines, which work their way deep into the flesh, causing infection and, sometimes, death. (Helpful Hint: Don't put your lips on it.)

      Like the animal porcupine, the competent pro se litigant (pro se quillpiggyus) is able to create pain for their opponents whenever they are attacked. However, if "predators" leave these people alone, they feel none of the pain.

      Street preachers, pro-life activists, and other "truth sayers" - who are often the subjects of legal attacks in the form of lawsuits and criminal prosecution - are able to make the uncircumcised pagans wish they had never "handled" these normally harmless creatures

      The lesson the pagans learn?

Don't mess with porcupines!

      Just so, many knowledgeable, non-violent truth sayers are freed to speak with much less pagan harassment.

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